Meet Mine!


My name is Mine, I am 24 years old and a student at Kista folkhögskola. I have been active in associations such as ”Turkiska kvinnoförbundet” (Turkish Women’s Federation), ”Turkiska handikappförbundet” (Turkish Disability Federation) and ”Svenska turkiska ungdomsföreningen” (Swedish Turkish Youth Association). We have been organizing activities for Swedish women with conservative lifestyles, for example housewives. We give them the chance to meet people such as politicians and also the opportunity to interact with other women in their situation. 

In the “Turkiska handikappföreningen” we saved up money so we could visit boarding schools for people with disabilities in Sweden and also other countries. When we were there we showed them Swedish traditions as cultural dances and we danced together. 

Additionally, I was in the management board of the “Svenska turkiska ungdomsföreningen”. I organized different activities such as “children’s day” where  in the old town in Stockholm we sold food and small goods so we could save up money to visit Turkey and also organize a skiing trip for young adults. 

Moreover, I was working as a volunteer in the “Turkiska kvinnoförbundet” where my mum was the moderator. My job was to make sure everyone felt comfortable and I also helped organize some activities together with the rest of the board. 

Furthermore, I love to help youths during my spare time, which is why I used to work in a school as a student assistant and also as a social worker.

I hope to see you soon!

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