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Second day in Hotel Finca Las Barcenas

So we started the day with an exercise were we had to describe what our feelings were in that moment and how we basically felt. After that we continued with talking about a person we had as role model, a person we looked up to and 2-4 things you value about them. Then we teamed up in groups and had to choose one of all those values and explain how we came to that agreement and if there were any discussions agreeing on that value.  

After the lunch at 15:30 we started to discus about our fight for Justices in groups who contained 3-4 person’s in each group where we got to discuss an got to a final solution then we had a coffee break for 15 mins and came back.then we got a main subject and that is what do privileges and discrimination mean for democracy and we discussed it as well and had to share ours expire an end and thoughts. After that we had a break for 15mins and after that we discussed about what is our role and attitude where we got a very challenging discussion about if people would provide financially.

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