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Our third day from our LTTA in Spain

The third day began with an energizer that led us ınto the work agenda. Firstly, the Swedish participants had their coordinator do a presentation on deliberation and how it works in their educational environment. The conclusion of the presentation told us that the art of being human entails, among other things, having a sense of what constitutes viable freedom and what constitutes irreversible dependency. To be able to be ourselves while yet being present with others. Afterward, the Croatian coordinator delivered a speech on the negative aspects of democracy. Tvrtko introduced us to the model of “lasagna” technique in which layering of activities and discussions result in productive group dynamics.

After the lunch break, Turkish coordinators had the floor to themselves. Yelda held a discussion on children’s labor with a video following her topic. The topic was followed by a group work that was focused on finding a solution to tackling children’s labor throughout three phases. The results were both inspiring and raising awareness of the importance to react to this problem. Yelda was followed by Emircan’s presentation on hate speech and his work on the same subject in the media. The group managed to understand the definition of hate speech and was asked to name the ways of recognizing it. This session was the final one before the Carthusian walk. Strolling through nature in pairs, participants had to discuss their personal meaning of Europe. The day was wrapped up with the dinner and the farewell party.

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