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LTT2 – 2nd day in Agva (Turkey)

This LTTA is being intense and very enriching. We´ve started the day with and amazing breakfast under the Turkish sun!

Hannes (our German camera man) has welcomed us with an energizer outside. Once inside, in the meeting room, Elli (Germany/Poland) has facilitated an exercise to get us to know each other better. Then, the Swedish team has taken the lead addressing the topics of culture and interculturality, making all of us digging into our deepest thoughts and sharing our perspectives and opinions about it.

After lunch, the Spanish team wanted to wake us up with a fun activity: a cooperative version of the «musical chairs». At the end, 17 people ended up all together in one chair. It reminded of this… more or less:

Since we´re at the seaside, we have to take advantage of that!! We walked to the beach, where the Swedish team prepared an activity to reflect about discriminatory situations. We’ve shared personal experiences, and then we returned to the meeting room walking along the beach in pairs, discussing our perspective on the use of inclusive language in our country.

After a short break, each team talked about the activities of the day proposed ideas for tomorrow.

To end the day we enjoyed a pleasant dinner with live music and wine.

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