• Can Do Cards

    Can Do Cards

    Dear readers, 

    We are glad to present you the Can Do Cards, a KA2 Erasmus Plus funded project. 

    By the CanDo CARDs project we wish to empower educators in the social field to become ‘CHANGE AGENTS‘.

    To do so, we believe that educators in the social field need to be empowered with effective tools to become the drivers for positive change. Change Agents will be equipped with tools that empower disadvantaged people with creative and innovative skills and competences which reinforce their resilience and increase their European awareness and civic engagement. These tools refer to creative methods and approaches for learning democracy, intercultural competences, improvisation theatre and debate education. The impact of creativity and non-formal education is of great importance in shaping inclusive societies and empowering change agents. Creative and emotional skills allow people to find new inventive resilience strategies, better cope with crisis situations and societal challenges as well as raise their critical thinking and active citizenship. It also allows people to act more effectively both individually and in a group, it encourages cohesion and the attainment of common goals without losing respect for one-another.

    Thanks to each partner’s expertise, our learning setting will combine both cognitive and affective learning experiences by linking forms of non-formal, informal and formal education.

  • This is Iman

    Hi there! It’s me again! My name is Iman Moutaouakil and I am the Spanish coordinator of the Can Do program. Together with Katrin Kuhla, the German coordinator, we’ve created the CanDo approach and since some years we’ve been learning and enjoying it with all its outcomes.

    I was born and raised in Tangier, North of Morocco and then moved at the age of 18 to Granada where I had my Translation studies. Once finished I moved to the Social field where I started as a volunteer in different organizations.

    Currently I’m intercultural trainer and project manager at Asociación Progestion. I am eager to meet all participants of this new project of the CanDo and ready to learn and share with you all!

  • Meet Florian!

    I am Florian from the South of Germany where I live with a big familiy in a renovated farm house – somewhat distant from cultural centers such as Munich or Salzbourg, and yet there is daily ‘drama’, poems of live and many intense exchanges with the daily live of family and neighbours. I have been living there since 10 years and find it interesting to see a number of contradictions in even what empowerment might be: in the city there are many options for initiatives to foster empowerment and yet sometimes there is a huge gap between those who get no chances and those who hold structural power. Here on the countryside there are fewer opportunities and quite a conservative and narrow way of thinking. And yet, by having animals, land, forest and space, people can empower themselves in a way of finding meaning in life.

    Florian Wenzel
    I consider democracy to be a form of life that is of daily relevance to us.

    Professionally I am a trainer and consultant for democracy learning in Germany and internationally. I consider democracy to be a form of life that is of daily relevance to us. As a freelancer, I am linked to several networks like the ‘Netzwerk politische Bildung Bayern’ (www.politische-bildung-bayern.net) and the Center for Applied Policy Research at the university of Munich (www.cap-akademie.de). I am working with training programs which focus on a resouce-oriented and participatory approach. I am also trying to install the attitude behind these concepts in areas that are still dominated by a ‘classical’ scientific perspective like evaluation. Instead of having a linear input-output-driven process, I like to see Evaluation as a process of sharing resources and further developing potential.

    All of this of course leads to the question of empowerment. I see a fundamental dilemma: focusing on the empowerment of people on the one hand makes visible hidden and discriminatory power structures and questions them. On the other hand empowerment sometimes seens to imply that we can have a nice, shared, ‘soft’ power which will lead to more harmony. From a democratic perspective, I think empowerment must push the question of power as a dangerous yet productive and necessary means of changing structures for a world with more justice. I hope we can focus on such contradictions and dilemmas that remind us of our limited capacities, make us realize the scope of what we can do and help us tackle the tasks we can.

  • Meet Katrin!

    I am Katrin Kuhla from Germany, Bavaria (the Oktoberfest region). In our project I am the consortium leader. That means that I coordinate the whole project and I am responsible for the money issues with our donor (the EU).

    I am passionate about making projects. I am keen on taking responsibility for people, money and processes. Since many years I’ve been responsible for projects in the sector migration, integration and diversity. E.g. I was a project leader for a project fostering the interreligious dialogue in Germany, I worked for the German ministry for families being responsible for projects combating Antisemitism in Germany and I am working as an intercultural trainer since over ten years, especially in the social sector.

    I do this work because I am grateful to live in a society in which diversity is possible. Because I know from deep inside that peace is not just givenHumanity needs to be fought for. With other people and with yourself. Over and over again.

    I am looking forward to meeting you all and share an empowering process with you all!

  • This is Maja!

    My name is Maja Nenadovic and I am an experienced Monitoring-Evaluation-Learning and program design consultant, facilitator, political education and human rights trainer.  As a professional with 20 years of experience, I have worked in 40+ countries worldwide. Since 2012, I implemented «Across Divides – Training Workshops for Depolarizing Communication», a methodology that was developed and tested in the field through a series of workshops and dialogues with both those using discriminatory and hate speech rhetoric and with those targeted by it.

    I hold a PhD from the University of Amsterdam, on the subject of Monitoring & Evaluation in the area of democracy promotion and democratization projects. I co-founded Reflectory, a boutique consultancy in the field of conflict transformation and social cohesion.

  • Meet Tvrtko!

    My name is Tvrtko Noa Pater and I am a Croatian trainer and educator who works in the fields of Holocaust education, rhetoric’s and facing history.

    With over 17 years of teaching experience, I to try to engage with complex topics in a serious yet approachable way.

  • This is Tanja from Croatia

    Hello everyone! I am a consultant and coach with over 17 years of experience working across the USA, Europe, and Africa. I like challenging myself daily regardless of whether it is learning a new dance move, a new animal-related activity or as a Ph.D. candidate of Communications studies in Zagreb (Croatia).

    I like challenging myself daily

    Before transitioning to a full-time freelancer, I used to  focus myer work on creative endeavors including publishing two books, managing cross-cultural events, and developing curricula and training ranging from intercultural collaboration to various specialized communications topics.

  • Meet Jan Mišković

    Hey, everybody! My name is Jan. I’m coming from Croatia and I’m a 21-year-old
    student that really enjoys youth work, sociology and public relations. Apart from these basic information I would like to share a fun fact about me which is – I’ve been living in three different cities at the same time for the most of my life. Also, I would love to express my interest in travelling, social media, photography, creative writing and music – not in that specific order. If you feel like talking, sharing experiences and thoughts or crying just come to me – I might even cry harder. I really like getting to know people and sharing positive energy, so I’m really looking forward to meeting you.

    Here is a picture of me that I identify the most in this particular moment which is from my most recent trip to the UK, but by the time we meet I might’ve travelled the world. 🙂

  • Coordinators meeting in Badajoz- Spain (first TPM)

    Dear readers, 

    We are glad to announce that partners of Can Do Cards finally made it to meet in person in our first TPM meeting that took place at Progestion’s office in Badajoz.

    This meeting has been fruitful and has served to pool the partners’ approaches in order to create a starting point for the development of the following meetings, in particular our next LTTA.

    Partners form Turkey, Germany, Croatia, Sweden and Spain could share 3 days discussing the objectives and goals of the  Can Do Cards and preparing our next LTTA that will take place in Spain.

    The meeting was held very close to the Easter week. the city of badajoz offered us a wonderful and warm weather, as well as a very rich and varied gastronomy, and some postcards of the Spanish Semana Santa

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