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  • Can Do Cards

    Dear readers, 

    We are glad to present you the Can Do Cards, a KA2 Erasmus Plus funded project. 

    By the CanDo CARDs project we wish to empower educators in the social field to become ‘CHANGE AGENTS‘.

    To do so, we believe that educators in the social field need to be empowered with effective tools to become the drivers for positive change. Change Agents will be equipped with tools that empower disadvantaged people with creative and innovative skills and competences which reinforce their resilience and increase their European awareness and civic engagement. These tools refer to creative methods and approaches for learning democracy, intercultural competences, improvisation theatre and debate education. The impact of creativity and non-formal education is of great importance in shaping inclusive societies and empowering change agents. Creative and emotional skills allow people to find new inventive resilience strategies, better cope with crisis situations and societal challenges as well as raise their critical thinking and active citizenship. It also allows people to act more effectively both individually and in a group, it encourages cohesion and the attainment of common goals without losing respect for one-another.

    Thanks to each partner’s expertise, our learning setting will combine both cognitive and affective learning experiences by linking forms of non-formal, informal and formal education.

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  • Genç Hayat Foundation

  • Verband für interkulturelle Arbeit Bayern e.V

  • Asociación Progestion, España


  • Day 4 from our learning process in Spain

    Bellen started the day with a kind of “dancing like” warm up and after that we discuss the continuation of the IO1 for a while.

    Then we all had the opportunity to make some reflections on the presentations we have had during the LTTA. Each team had a discussion on how can this method/material help me as a change agent and how can I use it or change it to be useful for me, in my context?

    Some interviews were filmed to be part of the IO and of course we had a evaluation.

    I think we all were a bit sad to leave this beautiful place that Progestion found for us (THANK YOU PROGESTION!).  And thank you the German team and Katrin for organizing the LTTA! And thank you partners for some creative and dynamic  days together!

    And as always, saying goodbye is sad.

    Have a safe trip back home … and auf wiedersehen, nos vemus, görüşürüz, vidimo se, vi ses!

  • Our third day from our LTTA in Spain

    The third day began with an energizer that led us ınto the work agenda. Firstly, the Swedish participants had their coordinator do a presentation on deliberation and how it works in their educational environment. The conclusion of the presentation told us that the art of being human entails, among other things, having a sense of what constitutes viable freedom and what constitutes irreversible dependency. To be able to be ourselves while yet being present with others. Afterward, the Croatian coordinator delivered a speech on the negative aspects of democracy. Tvrtko introduced us to the model of “lasagna” technique in which layering of activities and discussions result in productive group dynamics.

    After the lunch break, Turkish coordinators had the floor to themselves. Yelda held a discussion on children’s labor with a video following her topic. The topic was followed by a group work that was focused on finding a solution to tackling children’s labor throughout three phases. The results were both inspiring and raising awareness of the importance to react to this problem. Yelda was followed by Emircan’s presentation on hate speech and his work on the same subject in the media. The group managed to understand the definition of hate speech and was asked to name the ways of recognizing it. This session was the final one before the Carthusian walk. Strolling through nature in pairs, participants had to discuss their personal meaning of Europe. The day was wrapped up with the dinner and the farewell party.

  • Second day in Hotel Finca Las Barcenas

    So we started the day with an exercise were we had to describe what our feelings were in that moment and how we basically felt. After that we continued with talking about a person we had as role model, a person we looked up to and 2-4 things you value about them. Then we teamed up in groups and had to choose one of all those values and explain how we came to that agreement and if there were any discussions agreeing on that value.  

    After the lunch at 15:30 we started to discus about our fight for Justices in groups who contained 3-4 person’s in each group where we got to discuss an got to a final solution then we had a coffee break for 15 mins and came back.then we got a main subject and that is what do privileges and discrimination mean for democracy and we discussed it as well and had to share ours expire an end and thoughts. After that we had a break for 15mins and after that we discussed about what is our role and attitude where we got a very challenging discussion about if people would provide financially.

  • LTTA 1: Cantabria, Spain

    It´s really amazing to get together in a little town in Cantabria, Spain, with people from so many different places! (it took some of them two days to get here ;)) We started with a delicious meal in the beautiful house that will host us for the next four days.

    In the welcome session, we got the chance to know a little bit about each other and all the stuff that we will be doing together. It is very inspiring being in a group with so much diversity.

    We started working with the appreciative inquiry method, and it was really powefull to look at ourselves and listen to the others from a positive point of view.

    I can already tell that I´m going lo learn a lot from these days and from the people with whom I’ll be sharing. I´m really looking foward to live this special experience.

  • Meet Silvia from Germany

    Hi, I am Silvia, italo-german women living in Munich, who is passionate about people, groups, connection and fruitful collaboration. I love to interactively work with people on communication, diversity, looking deeper into systemic contexts and finding the power that everyone of us has as soon as we take full ownership of our lifes and actions. This approach makes me sometimes be hard on myself and others, so lately I try to chip in more softness and acceptance and curiosity to what is true now, without trying to change everything at once 🙂 

    In this picture I am in one of my favourite spots in the surroundings of Munich: Kochelsee. I go there to re-load myself in tough times. 

  • Meet Mine!


    My name is Mine, I am 24 years old and a student at Kista folkhögskola. I have been active in associations such as ”Turkiska kvinnoförbundet” (Turkish Women’s Federation), ”Turkiska handikappförbundet” (Turkish Disability Federation) and ”Svenska turkiska ungdomsföreningen” (Swedish Turkish Youth Association). We have been organizing activities for Swedish women with conservative lifestyles, for example housewives. We give them the chance to meet people such as politicians and also the opportunity to interact with other women in their situation. 

    In the “Turkiska handikappföreningen” we saved up money so we could visit boarding schools for people with disabilities in Sweden and also other countries. When we were there we showed them Swedish traditions as cultural dances and we danced together. 

    Additionally, I was in the management board of the “Svenska turkiska ungdomsföreningen”. I organized different activities such as “children’s day” where  in the old town in Stockholm we sold food and small goods so we could save up money to visit Turkey and also organize a skiing trip for young adults. 

    Moreover, I was working as a volunteer in the “Turkiska kvinnoförbundet” where my mum was the moderator. My job was to make sure everyone felt comfortable and I also helped organize some activities together with the rest of the board. 

    Furthermore, I love to help youths during my spare time, which is why I used to work in a school as a student assistant and also as a social worker.

    I hope to see you soon!

  • Meet Hassan!

    Hi, I’m Hassan, I’m a student at Kista folk high school, studying full time. In my free time I like to try new things.

    I have attended many training courses such as leadership training, crisis and emergency response and much more. I have worked a lot with young people in affected areas where we try to engage them on such a thing that they like. I have been a camera in my spare time and am filming one of Sweden’s biggest podcasts on youtube. I had a speech about psychiatric illness where it reached 3 million people in Sweden. So I am a person who wants to make a change in every possible way.