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LTT2 – 1st day in Agva (Turkey)

Being in this setting for the first time has been a wonderful learning experience.

There is a great deal happening in our lives as Turks, and we focus on it, but the objective here is different. I believe that discussing a different agenda is excellent for myself and my coworkers.

The first day began with a bus ride from Taksim Square to the hotel. The hotel was highly regarded for its location and overall design. When we initially got at the hotel, we had lunch. Throughout the lunch, we were able to engage in brief chats. Following the lunch, the group moved to the seminar room for a general introduction. We discovered who belongs from which nation, whose institution they are linked with, and how their studies are conducted. I can tell that this group moves quickly. It was impossible to feel uncomfortable among the group.

Plans was executed. Any alterations to the program were discussed and agreed upon together. Participating in the process was also a pleasant experience.

Dinner was then had, and cross-cultural dialogue continued throughout the meal.

Following the lunch, the group resumed their talk around the fire, which was an activity that facilitated them getting to know one another.

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