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Day 3 at Robin’s Nest

Starting the day with an energizer presented from the Spanish team, we explored via the “broken telephone” how a word changes when it’s passed through many ears – and how this happens with rumours and fake news as well…

One of the main parts of this day was to know more about the Vearthquake in Turkey, trying to understand the needs of the different groups of people (children, teenagers, women and men) and learning about the work GenV Hayat is doing in this dramatic situation. During the presentation, we were also asked to think about how WE would face the situation, being either a national or international NGO, or from the perspective of the government. It was very moving to learn about the dramatic situation but also about the many forms of solidarity and support that came with it. We were also very impressed to hear how GenV Hayat, which originally did not specialise in this kind of work, was able to step up to this challenge within a very short time, and even bringing in new factors like toilets for disabled people – which contributed to broadening the awareness for such perspectives of inclusion. We learned about aspects like providing for basic needs first (before tackling psychological issues), about trauma and secondary trauma and the many offers for children and teenagers that GenV Hayat is providing. Ideas of support where collected within our group.

As the second part of the day was dedicated to methods of theatre in the context of intercultural learning, Hassan had as play a game of guessing words that are presented without speaking (“Charade”).

After that we were diving into the approach of the “Culturatorium”, which uses elements of improve theatre to transmit topics of cultural differences and how to deal with them, in a very tangible manner, like playing actual situations that happen in everyday life. As a ground work for this we found ourselves trying to be spaghettis, robots and bubbling water as well as making gestures and finding associative words to pass on within the group.
How do you tell someone a delicate and potentially embarrassing matter? Everyone was invited to join Katrin in a scene where many ways of communication – both directly and indirectly could be shown. In this way, we learned about cultural dimensions like direct and indirect communication as well as individualistic and collectivistic world views (and systems), thinking about them not in terms of “right and wrong” but in terms of “pro’s and con’s” and how we have a tendency depending on our cultural background, but also have always a bit of both sides (of the square of values) in us, with different at different times and in different context.

What happens in the last evening of LTTA? Dancing of course! And lots of stories that make us laugh together, now and when we think back at this wonderful experience.

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